Development and engineering services for your project

We are a Germany based research and development company, providing engineering services to our partners and customers.

Our Services

Electrical and Software

Electrical and software development and design services for new product developments, research projects and product improvements.

Mechanical Engineering and Design

In-house design of mechanical components, up to the development of all required mechanical parts.

Prototype Assembly and Testing

Well-equipped workshop and reliable manufacturing partners to build fully functional prototypes.

On top of that, we offer certification assistance in aerospace and ground-based (e.g. UL, CE etc) applications, including on-site support and troubleshooting in laboratories.

We also offer sourcing and procurement assistance, enabling our partners and customers to reach their target price.

About us

Founded in 2021 by former employees of the aerospace sector, our team members have over 10+ years of experience and knowledge in PCB design and development for control and power electronics, including safety critical applications. This, combined with over 6 years of experience in software development and project management, allows us to offer our comprehensive service.

Our Mission

We are driven by our passion to develop new solutions and solve technical challenges – providing our partners and customers with a solution and product based on their requirements and needs.



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